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    The Institute, founded in 1982, is composed of five research groups including Lubricant and Tribochemistry, Self-lubrication Materials, Plastic Working Tribology, Experimental Equipment and Testing Method and Measuring Technique for Tribo-meters, Surface Treatment. In addition, it owns a technological reference room and a subsidiary factory.
    It is engaged in the study of friction, wear, lubrication mechanism and tribology design of machine parts in common use, plastic working tribology, experimental equipment and measuring technique and testing method of friction and wear, special oils and additives.
    Over the past years, the institute has undertaken 50 research items entrusted by the state, province or the university research foundation, or obtained through contract with units, organizations or corporations. Over thirty of these have formally undergone examination and appraisal, more than ten of them were awarded science advancement prizes by the Ministry. Over 150 papers were published at home or abroad. Three patents were issued.
    Research results that can be offered as technical information or products are as follows: dynamic measuring instrument of friction, tester of rolling bearing grease service life, techniques of the mechanism of friction and wear of piston ring-cylinder, dies with a layer of composite of steel bonded carbide by plasma welding, deep-drawing oils, high water-based cutting fluids, tribology of polymers, nano-MoS2, tribology of nanocomposites, tribology in environmental design, effects of ZDDP impurity, preparation of MC nylon pipe with large dimensions, design of extrusion die for plastic profiles, and so on.


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